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Maestro Ltd has been operating on the market since 1997. We have always been a company that creates its products to help customers celebrate special people on their special occasions and give voice to their feelings.

 Since our establishment, we have created the most popular and wanted greeting cards and gift bags in Bulgaria.

Our team is dedicated to the continuous improvement and innovation of our production. Therefore, we explore our customers’ needs so we can meet their expectations.

Because of this interactive approach, we can offer people new and original collections of greeting cards and gift bags that correspond to their needs and desires.

The growth of our company is mainly due to the fact that it is family-owned and we always put first our goals and values. In this way we have grown from one box of postcards in 1997 to a successful business, supported by thousands of loyal customers nowadays. Our core goals and values are:

To maintain creativity and quality in all of our products.

To sustain high standards of ethics towards our clients,
business partners and competition.

And most of all, to create products that enrich people’s lives.


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